Empty Capsules Canberra

The Capsule Guy is Australia's longest operating business specifically supplying empty capsules and filler machines to Canberra.
Orders are usually overnight delivery if placed before 1.30pm, which includes Free delivery for orders over $75. You will be able to meet your goals in super quick time, when you get our quality vegetable or gelatin capsules and machines delivered to your door.

The Capsule Guy holds the distinction of the oldest and most trusted supplier of Vegetable and Gelatin capsules to the general public in Australia. 
We stock Australia's largest range of both Vegetable and Gelatin capsules from the largest size 000 to the smallest size 5, as well as Capsule Filler machines to make filling capsules easy. Capsules are available both joined and pre-separated to save you precious time during filling.

We have dedicated ourselves to serving the health conscious community in Australia and endeavour to cater to every preference and life choice. Making your own vitamin and herbal capsules has never been easier, and more important, as we become more aware of what we are putting into our bodies.