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Choosing the right capsule.

The Capsule Guy stocks eight sizes of capsules. The largest is #000 and the smallest is #5.

Which capsule size is best for your needs depends on a few things.  Most people want to be able to use the larger size capsule so they don’t have to take a lot of  capsules.  If you have a hard time swallowing larger capsules, then you may not want to use the “00” size.

Capsule Volume

#000 - 1.37ml   26mm long  Approx 3 capsules per teaspoon.

#00 - 0.9ml   23mm long   Approx 5 capsules per teaspoon.

#0 - 0.7ml    21mm long   Approx 7 capsules per teaspoon.

#1 - 0.5ml   19mm long   Approx 9 capsules per teaspoon.

#2 - 0.4ml   18mm long    Approx 11 capsules per teaspoon.

#3 - 0.3ml   16mm long    Approx 15 capsules per teaspoon.

#4 - 0.23ml  14mm long   Approx 20 capsules per teaspoon.

#5 - 0.13ml   11mm long   Approx 35 capsules per teaspoon.

Most herbal capsules you buy in bottles are #00 or #0 size.

The weight of each filled capsule will depend on the density of the powder you are using, and how tightly you pack the ingredients into the capsules. If you need to adjust the weight of your active ingredients you can use the tamper more or less. For example, filling a #00 capsule with turmeric and packing it tightly may allow you to get 600 mg per capsule. If you only want to take approximately half that (or 350 mg.) at a time, do not use the tamper to compress the powder in the capsules.  Or you can combine the turmeric with other beneficial ingredients such as 5% black pepper. 

Delay release capsules are a unique product designed to allow your capsule contents passage through the stomach before being released into the small intestine. 

Because of their acid-resistant properties, Capsugel DR capsules are ideally suited for highly acid-sensitive supplements—including probiotics, enzymes and certain sports nutrition ingredients—which work best in the intestines. Delivering the ingredients to where they are best utilized means that the optimum use of your product is ensured and you get the best value out of your product.

The Capsugel brand DR capsules sold through The Capsule Guy are made from a vegetarian polymer that slows down capsule opening after the capsule is swallowed. This effectively masks unpleasant tastes and odours of certain ingredients, such as garlic and omega 3 fish oils, which helps to reduce reflux.

Capsugel DR capsules;

  • Disintegration starts approximately 45 minutes later than a typical immediate release capsule of about 5 minutes

  • Complete release usually occurrs 20 minutes after the onset of release

  • DRcaps capsules significantly reduce opportunity for nutritional ingredient degradation compared with standard immediate release capsules

  • Certified Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian Society, Halal and Kosher certifications


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