Vitamin capsules or herbal capsules - save money by making your own.

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You could buy turmeric capsules ready made for between $15 and $25 per 100, depending on the ingredients hype and colourful bottles, or you could make them yourself for around $2.50 per 100 capsules using a small amount of your own time and effort. It is so easy to do and The Capsule Guy has everything to get you started on this journey. We even have some clear jars to easily identify your stored herbal capsules.

Naturally, the cheapest way is to grow your own herbs, but you will still save a packet using powdered herbs bought from your local supermarket or health food store. 

Most commercially packed herbal capsules use either the size 00 or 0 capsules. You can easily buy either vegetable based or gelatine capsules online along with a simple filler machine. Each capsule size is specific to the size of the filler machine you purchase, ie one size per machine.

Vegetable capsules are made from plant cellulose from the Poplar tree and food grade beef gelatine is used to make gelatine capsules. All capsules are gluten free, preservative free, Halal and free from BSE and TSE. They generally have a lifespan up to 4 years, which means you could potentially save more money by purchasing larger quantities to get a bulk discount.



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