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ALL our capsules are gluten free and Halal. 

Which capsule size is best for your needs depends on a few things  Most people want to be able to use the largest size capsule they can comfortably swallow, and this is the most economic method.  Most herbal supplements are commonly packed into size 00 and 0 capsules. 
You also must consider the dose required and how many capsules you need to take the dose.

Capsule Volumes

#000 - 1.37ml   26mm long  Approx 3 capsules per teaspoon.

#00 - 0.9ml   23mm long   Approx 5 capsules per teaspoon.

#0 - 0.7ml    21mm long   Approx 7 capsules per teaspoon.

#1 - 0.5ml   19mm long   Approx 9 capsules per teaspoon.

#2 - 0.4ml   18mm long    Approx 11 capsules per teaspoon.

#3 - 0.3ml   16mm long    Approx 15 capsules per teaspoon.

#4 - 0.23ml  14mm long   Approx 20 capsules per teaspoon.

#5 - 0.13ml   11mm long   Approx 35 capsules per teaspoon.

What are capsules made from?

Gelatin capsules are made from food grade beef gelatin and purified water.

Vegetable capsules are made from Hypromellose cellulose (HPMC), or pullulan (polysaccharide), vegetable sourced ingredients, and purified water.

What is the difference between joined and separated capsules?

The capsules are the same. Separated capsules means the lids and bodies are in separate bags. This helps decrease filling times by up to 30%.

All capsules are sold by weight, according to an average weight allocated to each size capsule.

Why do some clear capsules appear cloudy?

Capsule clarity can be affected by raw product differences in the manufacturing process. This does not mean the capsules are of a lesser quality.

Storage of Capsules

Capsules should be stored in clean airtight containers away from direct sunlight, to avoid damage from humidity. Manufacturers recommend storage between 16-25degC and 35-65% relative humidity.

Can capsules hold liquids?

Not really. When filled with liquids ( ie vinegar) , capsules will start to soften within around 5 seconds and must be consumed immediately before the capsule begins to disintegrate.

Capsules can hold pure oils for extended periods.