About Us

Based in Adelaide, The Capsule Guy is a 100% Australian family owned and operated business.

THE CAPSULE GUY OPERATES AS AN ONLINE BUSINESS ONLY. We do not have a shop front. Orders are strictly delivery only.

 The Capsule Guy started in 2010 with the purpose to supply quality affordable capsules to home based consumers. Since then we have diversified, and now our range of customers include naturopaths, herbalists, pharmacies, supplement manufacturers and more. 

The Capsule Guy offers in its catalogue the full range of sizes in both Gelatin and Vegetable capsules, including pre-separated capsules and a small range of coloured capsules and flavored capsules.

The Capsule Guy also stock a small range of veterinary capsules, used for dosing cats, dogs and larger stock animals, and a range of veterinary dosing applicators.

We stock capsule filler machines ranging from small, inexpensive home use machines to larger professional machines more suited to small business production.